Company description

B90 Holdings plc is a group of companies focused on generating marketing leads and entering into marketing contracts for the activities of various partners in the gaming industry.

Corporate Governance

The Corporate Governance statement of the Group can be viewed <here>

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consist of:

Ronny Breivik (Executive Chairman) 
Marcel Noordeloos (Finance Director)
Mark Rosman (Non-Executive director)
Martin Fleisje (Non-Executive director)
Andy McIver (Non-Executive director)

Bio's of the Directors are <here>

The City Code on Takeovers and Mergers

The Company is incorporated and registered in the Isle of Man and is subject to the City Code.

Country of Incorporation and Operations

The Company is incorporated in the Isle of Man.

Its main operations are Malta and Curacao.

As the Company is incorporated under the laws of Isle of Man the rights of shareholders may be different from the rights of shareholders in a company incorporated in the United Kingdom.

Details of other exchanges or trading platforms

The Company's shares are traded on AIM under the ticker code B90.

The ISIN of the share is: IM00BYT32K14

Details of any restrictions on the transfer of securities

There are no restrictions on the transfer of securities

Company number


Articles of Association

The articles of Association can be viewed <here>

Number of shares in issue as at 1 July 2024:

439,518,227 Ordinary shares

Shares Not Held In Public Hands

As at  1 July 2024, the number of shares not held in public hands is 35.1% of the total issued share capital of the Company. These are shares held by directors, officers, and major shareholders (larger than 10%) of the Company.

Major Shareholding

As at  1 July 2024, the Company is aware of the following significant shareholders holding above 3% of the Share Capital:

NameOrdinary shares % of total issued share capital
Winforton Investments Ltd85,520,000 19.5%
P. Westerterp37,842,240 8.6%
Funko International AB29,312,547 6.7%
Performance Media SIA (34.65% owned by R. Breivik)28,784,449 6.6%
Diman BV25,178,432 5.7%
H.M. Hansen23,907,004 5.4%
M. Rosman23,419,019 5.3%
Ulen Holdings22,352,265 5.1%
Ronny Breivik 20,197,047 4.6% (7.0% including  shares)

Annual and interim financial reports

The Annual and interim financial reports can be found in the Documents/RNS section, see <here>

Regulatory announcements

The Company's regulatory announcements can be found in the Document/RNS section, see <here> or at the website of the London Stock Exchange, see <here>

AIM admission Document

The admission document can be found <here>

Overview of Company advisors

The current overview of the Company's advisors can be found <here>


This information has been disclosed pursuant to Rule 26 of the AIM Rules for Companies and was last updated on 1 July 2024.